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80% of people pay more interestthan they should.This is due to several factors includinge.g. an unnecessary number of monthly payments andexcessively high interest rates.We carry out an individual and detailedanalysis of your situation and recommendthe most efficient andcost-effective solution for you.For free."

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Classic personal loans are one of the most common and most widely used forms of credit in Switzerland. With a private consumer loan, almost all wishes, purchases and projects can be conveniently financed

Car loan

With a car loan, you can pay for your car in cash. Many car dealers are happy about that. When paying in cash, there is often an additional discount for you, and promotional prices are not excluded.

Frontier workers

We grant loans to foreigners with a G permit and Swiss citizens who live abroad but work in Switzerland.

With our solution, we will work with you to create an overview of your liabilities and propose a solution that will allow you to summarize them all in one month at the lowest interest rate on the market.


Request a bespokeSolution for construction,the renovation or the redevelopmenta property. With this typeof financing, you only payyou only pay interestn the loan amount actually used


Do you have a toothache but avoid going to the doctor for fear of the costs? Do you need an artificial hip to maintain your independence in the household? If the health insurance company doesn't pay, cashmoney can help.

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