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We can help where banks may refuse. Thanks to many years of cooperation with leading Swiss banks and our experts, we will find a solution even in the most difficult cases.

The leasing provides for the payment of a monthly installment for the use of the vehicle during the contractual period, similar to the payment of a rent for a flat. This monthly installment is calculated taking into account the cash purchase price, the annual mileage, the duration of the lease, the interest rate of the lease and the respective residual value. At the end of the contract period, you have the option of returning the vehicle to the dealer.

With the credit, you will receive a credit with which you can purchase the vehicle from a supplier and pay the full purchase price in cash. With this option you have the possibility to choose the insurer you trust. At the end of the contract period, the vehicle does not have to be returned to the supplier because it is your property and you can sell it freely at any time.

The ZEK, or “Credit Information Centre”, is an institution that records information on private loans, leasing and more generally on transactions related to the financing sector in Switzerland.

The ZEK database contains information on the credit beneficiary, credit applications and credit agreements.

Only member companies can access ZEK data.

It is possible to request the review of your data.

We take a great responsibility towards the client and the society, to do so we dedicate the time necessary for a personal interview to understand your needs and answer your questions. We make you aware of possible risks and make sure that you can afford the credit to act in your own best interest. ( Information sheet of the Swiss Consumer Finance Association on the responsible granting of credit and the possible risks in the event of unforeseen events affecting the borrower).

Methods and requirements for applying and obtaining a credit.

The verification of the application and the forwarding of the reply are generally carried out within 24 hours, provided that all the necessary documents have been submitted (copy of an identity document, pay slip, etc.). As soon as the contract is signed, we will pay the desired amount of credit to your account in accordance with the statutory waiting period of 14 days.

Basically, we are only able to provide funding if you are resident in Switzerland or have had a G (frontier) permit for more than three years.

Yes, provided that the residence permit is still valid at the time of the loan application, and if you have already been resident in Switzerland for at least 6 months.

Yes, if you have been a frontier worker for at least 3 years you are entitled to a private credit. Contact us for a private interview and we will provide you with all the necessary information.

Only if you work and the income earned in accordance with the creditworthiness check is sufficient to repay the requested loan.

Essentially, we also provide loans for the self-employed. However, a loan to the self-employed is subject to additional conditions. We will be happy to advise you and provide you with all the information in a personal interview.

In order to be able to process an application it is necessary:

– a copy of the official identity document: passport, identity card, driver’s licence or foreigner’s permit (front and back).

– a copy of the last three pay slips.

Costs, installments and interest rates

As a credit intermediary, we work with several banks and the interest can only be established after a credit agreement has been properly drawn up. The interest costs depend on the amount requested, the repayment period selected and the creditworthiness of the customer. Of course, we will give you an overview of possible solutions and highlight the most advantageous ones.

The consultancy, analysis and preparation of the credit application are entirely free of charge. Even in the case of a possible refusal by the bank, you will not be charged any cost.

The refund time can be freely chosen by the customer. It can vary from a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 120 months and there is the possibility to modify it even once the loan contract is in place.

After the credit application has been verified, the creditworthiness, i.e. a person’s ability to repay debts contracted, is assessed and the creditworthiness of the customer’s credit history is analysed to see whether he is trustworthy. The credit’s interest rate is then calculated on the basis of creditworthiness.

Costs, installments and interest rates

It is possible to insure against payment of the interest rate and installments at the time of applying for credit, in order to protect yourself in the event of unemployment and incapacity to work through no fault of your own.

Call 0800 43 43 44 now. We will provide you with all the necessary information on further procedures.

Outstanding credits can be increased at any time. A new credit agreement will replace the existing credit agreement if the requirements are met (positive credit assessment in terms of credit sustainability).

You can redeem or transfer, private loans or credit card and leasing debts by providing us with a final statement of the amount of outstanding debt to be redeemed. Please contact us, we will be happy to advise you (FREE NR 0800 43 43 44).

You may pay at any time a higher amount than the defined monthly installment. If you would like to reduce your installment, we are happy to verify a change in the credit with a new due date for you.