I acknowledge and agree that Cashmoney Swiss AG will forward my application to BOB Finance AG, Bank-now AG und Cembra Money Bank (each hereinafter referred to individually as “financing institution”) via Internet, e-mail or fax/post. In addition, I confirm the following:

Verification of the application and data for credit information: I confirm that all of my details are correct and authorise the lending institution, with regard to the examination of this application and the processing of the contractual relationship, to obtain information about me from third parties, in particular banks, the Central Office for Credit Information (ZEK), authorities (e.g. debt enforcement offices), the authorities of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Federal Republic of Germany and the Federal Republic of Germany. authorities (e.g. debt enforcement, land registry and tax offices, residents’ registration offices, child and adult protection authorities), business information agencies, credit intermediaries, employers, companies belonging to the group of the lending institution, and possibly the Association for the Operation of a Consumer Credit Information Centre (IKO). For the purposes of the above, I release these offices from their banking, postal, official and professional secrecy obligations. In addition, I authorise the financing institution to notify the ZEK and the IKO of the requested transaction as far as necessary, and also to notify other offices in the event of corresponding legal obligations. In particular, the type, amount and terms and conditions of the loan or financing and the personal data of the applicant will be communicated, as well as any significant delays in payment or misuse. I acknowledge the right of the ZEK and the IKO to inform their members about the data provided. The financing institution may refuse the application without giving reasons.

Cooperation with intermediaries: The financing institution may, in the case of an application received from an intermediary, exchange with the latter the information necessary for a verification of the application/creditworthiness and the conclusion and execution of the contract.
Partner data: In the event that I have provided information about my/my spouse or registered partner(s) (the “partner”) in the application, I confirm (i) that I have informed my partner about this application, (ii) that the financing institution may verify the aforementioned data by means of direct questions to my partner and (iii) that my partner consents to the fact that the financing institution may request information about him/her as described above (including information requests at the ZEK).

Data processing: I authorise the financing institution to process and evaluate my data also for risk management and marketing purposes and to create profiles. I authorise the financing institution to offer me other products and services, also from companies belonging to the group of the financing institution. I can revoke this authorisation to process data for marketing purposes or to send information at any time.

Cooperation with service providers (outsourcing): The financing institution may outsource services to third parties (“service providers”), in particular in the areas of business process management, IT security and systems management, market research and processing, calculation of business-relevant credit and market risks, and administration of contractual relationships (e.g. application and contract management, collection, customer communication). The financing institution provides these service providers with the data required for the fulfilment of contractual obligations and may also transfer such data abroad for this purpose. The service providers, their employees as well as their subcontractors are contractually obliged to comply with the data protection requirements of the Swiss Data Protection Act, to maintain banking secrecy in accordance with the Swiss Federal Law on Banks and Savings Banks and to maintain confidentiality. In this regard, I acknowledge that my data may be forwarded to service providers in countries that may not have data protection equivalent to that of Switzerland.

I confirm that I agree with the use of electronic means of communication between the financing institution and myself or the intermediary. I also agree to the transmission of data via the Internet and am aware that the Internet is an open network accessible to anyone. Consequently, Cashmoney Swiss AG and the financing institution cannot guarantee the confidentiality of the data in case of transmission via the Internet. It is therefore possible for third parties to trace an existing or imminent business relationship (possibly a banking relationship) between me and the financial institution.

Approval of a loan is forbidden by law if it would lead to over-indebtedness (Art. 3 UWG).