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Click on the screen that you would like to share with others. Only the highlighted screen of your choosing will be displayed. To change to a virtual background of your choosing, select Choose Virtual Background.

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While you can use Bluetooth, there are some drawbacks. There is an inherent delay with a Bluetooth audio connection compared to a wired one and you’ll need to worry about keeping your equipment charged. Learn more about equipment recommendations for remote work. Once you’ve done those steps, use the sliders to adjust the volume for your selected microphone and speaker. Once you have muted Zoom Meeting sound from the Volume Mixer, it will be only silent Zoom Meeting volume not computer audio. At the next Zoom meeting, you will need to follow the same process to mute Zoom call again if it is too high without muting your computer sound.

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That way all notes, action items, and takeaways are communicated in context, with the call recording easily accessible to everyone. In May 2020, the New York City Department of Education lifted their ban on Zoom after the company addressed security and privacy concerns. As of July 2020, Zoom Rooms and Zoom Phone also became available as hardware as a service products.

Zoom is widely reported to be lightweight and user-friendly. Its simplicity has meant it’s enabled people worldwide to work from home with ease, up to a staggering thirteen million active monthly users. Even though it’s easy to use it still has great advanced features and state-of-the-art technology without the same spam problems as other programs.

If you have selected Host or Sign In, then you will need to sign in using yourUWL email address and currentpassword along with authenticating with Duo in order to proceed. You will also need to select your organization as UW-La Crosse if you have not signed in before or are using a new web browser. After starting a Zoom meeting, click Record, then selectRecord to the Cloud. If you are having problems logging in to Zoom, make sure you Download are using current UC San Diego Zoom accounts and signing in with Single Sign-On or Google authentication. For questions about how to properly authenticate, visit the Getting Started links below or use this link to sign in. Instagram is not actually stretching your story.